Come and help us to create a day to remember. Let’s gather for tall tales around the fire, boiling pots and smiling faces. I.O produce tailor made adventures, big and small.


My equipment list during our latest trailrunning endeavors. RUNNING IN 200 Icebreaker Leggings, 200 Icebreaker LS Crewe, Shorts, Fjällräven High Coast Wind Jacket, Petzl Nao headlight, Icebug shoes Acceleritas4, Socks, Boxer long ones IN MY BACKPACK Haglöfs LIM 25L, Waterbottles 2x500ml, Energybar and simple food, 200 Icebreaker Leggings, 200 Icebreaker LS Crewe, Beanie Icebreaker, Gloves Hestra Runners All Weather, Fluffy jacket with hood, Haglös Barrier III pants, Socks Thicker Smartwool, First Aid, Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL, Marmot Hydrogen sleepingbag, Exped Airmat UL Lite M, Boxers, Small towel


What do you do when you finished your job and it’s dark outside? Li and I set out with backpacks including all our gear for a night out in the woods. We ended up running 29km. Living in the moment and in the field of light made from my headlight is pure soul food.


Yesterday Li and I had another running adventure. We ran until midnight and then slept in our Hilleberg tent for a couple of hours before continuing along the trail.


Through events and tailor made guided adventures with experienced guides, we help you to replenish your confidence and desire for more inspirational adventures.

Let’s connect

Join people with the same interests, take a break from everyday life and create a relationship with the nature that surrounds you. I.O produces tailor made adventures for you. Let’s connect!

Midnight run

Yesterday evening me and a friend grabbed our gear and ran until midnight. We slept under a tarp and early morning we worked our way back to town and work. If you're interested I.O organise micro adventures around Gothenburg for you.

Break it down

If I would break it all down to one word I would say Happiness. If you’re not happy out there there’s no need to be experienced. Passion is priceless! @frilufts
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Fjällräven Kajka

I’ve heard that you’re big, heavy and mostly up for no good but I would say the opposite! Well you’re not light but you’re stable and durable. When I tell people about a workhorse I talk about you. You always take care of my gear and if for any reason it would weigh over our comfort zone you still carry it with pride. We’ve been together for almost ten years by now and both you and I have had good and horrible endless days.. you’re mine and I will always be yours. We both have more miles in us and…
Friluftsfrämjandet Centrala Göteborg


This weekend I participated in a event with Friluftsfrämjandet. I mainly talked about backpacks and helped people with their packs for a more personal fit. I also helped out with knots and fire steel practice. Fun day!

Warm, Dry & Fed

Warm, Dry and Fed. Why do I always teach people to think about this and why is it important? Please write your best tip! ↟ The image is from Fjällräven Classic 2018. I walked with a group from Taiwan.


Yesterday evening when we closed the store I tied my running shoes and grabbed my 25L backpack. I ran from city center to a lake just outside of town. It took me approximately 1 hour to run there. Simon was waiting with hammocks, fire and food. This morning we woke up and took the bus back to work. ❤️


American street pancakes with orange. ↟ 1 apple 2,5dl flour 2,5dl milk 1 egg 1 package saffron 100g melted butter + butter for the pan 1tsp salt 1tsp sugar 1tsp baking powder ↟ Serve with diced oranges 🍊 Enjoy! ↟ Photo: @frilufts