Inspirational Outdoors

Connect. Create. Explore. Inspire!


Inspirational Outdoors

Connect. Create. Explore. Inspire!


Inspirational Outdoors

Connect. Create. Explore. Inspire!


Inspirational Outdoors

Connect. Create. Explore. Inspire!


We offer you inspirational evenings and tailor made adventures.

Everything below will be held in Swedish and in Gothenburg if not stated or agreed otherwise.

Local adventures in Gothenburg

199 SEK

I will talk about nearby adventures in and around Gothenburg. Microadventures that you can do in between work or during the weekends. I will show you images from past adventures and how to get there. A minimum of 4 people are required.

What’s in my backpack?

499 SEK

Throughout my adventures I’ve learned how to master the composition of my backpack and what to leave back home. On this presentation/personal meeting I’ll walk you through the settings and functions of the pack and why I choose to bring the things I do. This workshop is yours to build – focus could be about pilgrimage, long distance hiking or a micro adventure in a nearby surrounding. Public presentation is 1,5 hours, personal workshop 3 hours.

Local MicroAdventure (overnight)

999 SEK

Searching for a small-scale adventure in or around Gothenburg? A quick dip in a lake, food made over open fire and someone to share it all with? On our micro adventures we sleep approximately one hour from the city center and we will be back mid day the following day. I will talk about my backpack, basic navigation, how to make fire and setting camp. Depending on the season I have different adventures prepared. A minimum of 2 people are required.

Backcountry camping for beginners

4499 SEK

If you want to learn more about how to plan and make your own camping adventures in the mountains, then this course is for you! For 4 days, we sleep, live and learn in the mountains to become better outdoor people. Held in Storulvån, Jämtland. Contact me for more information. A minimum of 4 people are required.

Custom tours

2499 SEK/DAY

Hire me as your guide? I offer you tailor made day trips, short overnight trips in a tent and longer expeditions where we get further into the wilderness. Price exclude travel expenses.
Call me at 0046761457101 (Sweden)
Daniel Vilhelmsson Wesén

Curious and happy leather tramp.

Daniel is currently working as a salesman in an outdoors store as an equipment specialist and has his own company on the side. He inspires people through meetings like Adventurers Gatherings’ and guiding on different events such as Fjällräven Classic (Sweden, Denmark) and Björnturen. He also organizes microadventures and workshops around Gothenburg with small groups.
Swedish Mountain Leader, 2017
Nols Wilderness First Aid, Crossing Latitudes, 2016
Friluftsliv – fördjupning på distans, Malungs Folkhögskola, 2015
Fjäll & Vildmarksledare, Malungs Folkhögskola, 2014/2015
Nutrition adviser, Pauluns Näringcenter, 2013
Running Coach, PT-School & Running Sweden, 2012
TRX Suspension Training, Concept, 2011
Licensed Personal Trainer, PT-School, 2010
Cardio & Endurance training, PT-School, 2010
Expedition Week, Mikael & Titti Strandberg, 2001
Company Core Values

Inspirational Outdoors is about adventures, large
and small.

It's intended to inspire and help you to get outdoors. Explore your surroundings in a new way, connect with people, create social networks and opportunities for the future.
The Reasons Why

Gratitude, happiness and friendship.

I know I’m on the right path when I show people in the right direction and see them connect with the surrounding scenery and with each other; when they feel happiness and, for instance, answer the cold wind gusts with a smile instead of hiding in their clothes with empty eyes.
Regarding my business. Imagine a peach. The outer skin is what I do (guiding, presentations etc), the flesh is how I do it and the core of everything, the answer to why, is in the stone. To be a juicy peach or for me to have a healthy business we both need to pay attention to all of above.
I give you the opportunity to see the details in your backpack and the surrounding nature while traveling with me. I help you to raise your head when you’re tired and in return I have someone to appreciate the scenery, the wind gust and morning coffe with. And that, my friend, is why I do it.
A Little Of Our Story

Exploring the nature through our childs' eyes.

In February 2019 our adventures changed focus somewhat. We got our lovely child Elsa. Adventuring with a baby is an adventure in itself and we learned a bunch of new things during our first year and still do every day.
Read our lessons learned


Join people with the same interests, take a break from everyday life and create a relationship with the nature that surrounds you. I.O produces tailor made adventures for you. Let’s connect!


Come and help us to create a day to remember. Let’s gather for tall tales around the fire, boiling pots and smiling faces. I.O produce tailor made adventures, big and small.


Discover new places with others, zigzagging through valleys, pitch your tent on new grounds and find your comfort zone. Depending on our day and mood we will help each other to fully enjoy and take it all in.


Through events and tailor made guided adventures with experienced guides, we help you to replenish your confidence and desire for more inspirational adventures.