Breaking camp for the last time on this trek. Cold winds, autumn colors, perfect view, great friends ... Couldn’t ask for more :)


An image from a couple of years ago when Niklas and I walked the King's Trail. Took us around 16 days to walk.

Tjäktja pass

This is a picturie from the northern side of Tjäktja pass, one week ago. Emelie and I visited the hut and talked to Monica (host) before continuing to Alesjaure.


It's our last day out on this adventure. Thinking about our happenings and things to come.

Coffee in Sälka

"A Swedish quote " Varsamt far i bygd och mark Skada icke kådig bark Riv ej björkens vita hud Stör med skräp ej skogens ljud Bort med skräp och matsäcksrester Städa efter er, ni gäster I naturens helgedom Skövla icke blad och blom Tänd ej eld, men om du tänder Släck vart glöd i kol och bränder Låt bli att simpelt rita Plank och vägg med kniv och krita Skona det som annans är Akta allt som minne bär" -Karl-Erik Fosslund

Nikka to Keb

On our way to Kebnekaise Fjällstation. Me and Emelie will be out for some time. See ya!

Like a postcard

The Classic King’s Trail starts in Hemavan and ends in Abisko. My friend Niklas and I had some time and wanted to walk this trail and end it with the Fjällräven Classic event in Nikkaluokta. In the end we walked around 550km (342 miles). Along the trail there are a couple of lakes you have to row over. We had a leaking boat one day and that was quite exciting. Overall the trail is lovely and I like it a lot but the best parts of it are above the tree line. In the morning you can have reindeers around…