This is where we all come together. It is a place where we gather, no matter our background. It is where we drink our coffee, share our stories and tell about our mistakes.


It’s nice to be on the east coast for a change. I spent time here every year during my youth and I really connect with places like Haväng, Verkeån and Stenshuvud.
Verkeåns Naturreservat

Verkeåns Naturreservat

A great couple of hours. Food, a dip in the ocean and some sculptures made of sand. A nature reserve worth a visit.

New years dip

Happy new year! Some friends and I ended the year with a dip in the ocean. Water temperature 4 degrees C.

Celery root

When you use your outdoor kitchen gear at home. Celery root instead of ham.

Autumn love

That time of the year again. Soup, hot chocolate and colorful micro adventures.

Bucket list

Two months left. Looking at my Bucket list for the year and I’m doing more than okey. Nothing is done without love and everything except one thing is fulfilled. David took this image on our latest microadventure a couple of days ago. Microadventures is on the list and I’ve done a bunch of them.
Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park

Walking with your hand in mine and mine in yours, that’s exactly where I want to be always. Been married for one month today.


Microadventure in between work. Simon and I enjoyed good food and a short swim before going to bed in our hammocks. Tomorrow we will go for another swim before going back to work.


Morning dip and luxurious breakfast before work.

Bachelor party

Wonderful weekend with friends. Earlier this year I proposed in Portugal during our Camino walk and soon we will get married at Saltoluokta Mountain Lodge.
Svartedalens Naturreservat


We put up our Tarp as a protection against the rain when we prepared our midsummer food.


You're the one I love and live with. Some time ago I asked for your hand. In september we're getting married ?? You're the World to me ❤️.


Goodmorning Gothenburg. Happy friday, take care!


Familyday in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Saturday. A dip in the ocean, one charcoal grill, some seagulls and a bunch of lovely friends.

Going down

Back in Ovesholm and my parents house for the weekend.

Flying places

Back in Gothenburg and Naturkompaniet after some adventures.

One Mosse

"I've never found time spent in nature to be a waste of time"
Hemligt Ställe

Secret Spot

Eating my orange in a small treehouse. I listen to woodpeckers, the morning traffic and I can see a squirrel jumping from pine to pine. Its a treehouse and I had to climb. I'm in heaven for a while.


Tomorrow I move to Gothenburg. I love Emelie and she loves me.

Sister and I

Back in the day. Sister and I collected all the snow we could get our hands on and built a quinzee (snow shelter)


Kärlek är att få vakna upp med tjejen. Kärlek är att få en löparlampa i julklapp. ❤️


Im moving my basecamp to Gothenburg in a near future.


A picturie from yesterdays adventure. Today we ran 28,5km in the forest.