Old bridge. There has been a lot if nice ones!


Walking out from Tui.

Rio Neiva

Crossing Rio Neiva. We don't wanna leave the beach today.

Another day

Another day at the office. We didnt follow the coastal route today because it was to far away from the beach.
Vila do Conde

Vila do Conde

Another day along the coust. Walking with a man from Australia (lives in Bangkok) today. So im not following my plan, instead im following the coastal route up to Tui.

Proper sightseeing!

Emelie and I will offcourse join the race this evening. Proper sightseeing! Headlights on!


A lovely park in Mealhada to have a coffee and a long break in before walking further.


Hi pilgrim. Oh please stay with me and cuddle for a while.


I love the smell from the eucalyptus forest.


Early start today. Walking through Golegá.


Life is great in Lisbon.