Getting hungry?

Sourdough pizza made in Trangia with gas burner

Pizza in the outdoors made with fresh ingrediens and perhaps served with something nice to drink. Needs som preperation back home before going out. We usually roll out the dough back home and put greaseproof paper in between before going out.

75g pre-ferment
10g olive oil
130g water
250 g flour
5 g salt

Mix, cover and ferment for 6-8 hours until double size.

We usually put tomato sauce, mushrooms, walnuts, chèvre on first and then when it’s done we add honey and arugula on top before serving.

We use a Trangia frying pan with the biggest pot upside down on top. We also did a plate in aluminum foil. Thick as your little finger and rolled as a cinnamon bum before finally wrapped in another layer of aluminium to hold it together. Our fits perfectly inside the pot and the end result is more like a pizza plate in an oven. One pizza takes 14-15 min if you have full power on and we always take 1 of the bigger gas canisters for this (450g).

American street pancakes with oranges.

Pancakes is always nice and really easy to prepare in nalgene bottles or similar back home. We usually do them over the fire in our Murrikka.

1 apple (grated)
2,5dl flour
2,5dl milk
1 egg
1 package saffron
100g melted butter + butter for the pan
1tsp salt
1tsp sugar
1tsp baking powder

Serve with juicy diced oranges.

Bread with rhubarb jam or apple compote

When your out on a micro adventure or want something luxurious bread can be the answer. Easy to do on Murrikka, frying pan or even at the bottom of a pot.

5dl flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1,5dl water
2 table spoon rapeseed oil

Roll them and fry with rapeseed oil and flip once or twice until ready.

Serve with rhubarb jam or apple compote.

Cut the rhubarb or apple in small pieces and put the pieces in a pot with a small amount of water.  In the end you add some granulated suger for thickness.

Cheese tortillas & vegetarian stew

Really easy to do and appreciated when its a little cold outside. We like the recipe below but we usually take the vegetables we have at home before going out. The cheese tortillas is simple but to die for if you ask me.

1 package of tortilla bread

Slice the cheese and spread it on your tortilla bread before folding it. Make two of them and put them in your frying pan (without oil). When they starting to get color and the cheese is melting you flip it once before taking it off. Enjoy the tortillas together with the stew our as a quick snack during trek.

Crushed tomatoes
Tomato puree
Onion (yellow)
Red lenses
Spices. (I prefer smoked pepper and cumin)
Vegetarian bullion cube

Chop everything and put in a pot. Add a small amount of water, crushed tomato and puree. When you have 10-12 minutes left you add the lenses. Let simmer until ready. Sometimes If your not vegetarian you can add mackerel or tuna to this one to make it a little bit more filling.

Fresh mixed salad

Luxorous, quick and fresh salad that we like to bring in a lunch box for those spontaneous summer adventures! 

1 Bag of mixed salad
1 Paprika
1 Box of baby plum tomatoes
2 Pear
2 Avocado
1 Goat cheese
Handful of cashew nuts
Olive oil
Pinch of sea salt

Campfire bread twist

These delicious campfire treats are fun and really easy to make.

4 dl flour
1,5 dl water
1 pinches salt
2 pinches baking powder

Topping: jam, honey, butter

Mix baking powder, salt and flour in a large bowl. Once they’re combined, add 1,5dl of water and mix so that it forms into one big lump.  Choose a stick thick as your thumb and strip off the bark and leaves. Grab a handful of dough and roll it into a snake-like shape. This won’t need to be very thick, as the dough will swell when cooking. Twist your dough onto the stick and hold the stick over the embers of a campfire. Once it starts to turn golden brown it’s ready to enjoy.

Lessons Learned

Slow pace

Elsa started walking at 12 months so during the first year she was not moving so much. In cold weather, covered in insulation, crawling is as challenge in itself and we found her happy to mostly sit and explore things. We’ve spent days discovering leafs, small bugs, birds, looking at clouds, animals, roots and stones. Things I haven’t looked at with a deep interest as a grown-up, but with Elsa I rediscovered a lot of things and I’ve seen things I wouldn’t  have seen in the same way without her. There are times when Elsa laughed at waves in the ocean, followed a bird until it disappeared behind a hill or a house and then looked at me for answers. For us, the key has been to have multiple choices and not a hundred must-do’s during the trip. During the first year I think we had our best adventures when we walked less, took a lot of breaks for waterfalls, holding sticks, scouted for squirrels, did campfires and found happiness in small things, being in the moment without needing or longing for anything more. Leaning against trees and watching whatever passed by.


We most often use a full buckle carrier for carrying Elsa when we’re out. There is a range of different brands and fits so the best tip is to try a few different to really find one that suits you. During the first year we have mostly used an Integra carrier. It is simple to use, has a snug fit and if you carry your baby in the front you can comfortably carry a backpack at the same time since the shoulder straps are thin. From around 6 months of age (when the baby can sit without support) it is possible to carry her on the back. Different people have different solutions. Elsa is now 15 months and I still prefer to carry her in the front; as she has grown it get’s more difficult to see your feet and the next step as clear, but at the same time you can interact with your child easily and you have the possibility to carry a backpack as well. When we carry her at the front we usually hold her feet or hands. It feels good and adds some extra protection from the elements. She also feels comfy and get som heat from us. For longer walks Emelie mostly carry her on the back nowadays as she feels that this is more comfortable now when Elsa is 10kg+, carrying the daily stuff in a waist bag instead of a backpack. She also carries a lot in woven wraps, and with these it’s easy to vary the type of carry. If you’re out for a night the other partner can carry the gear. 

More information shortly



New ski bindings and boots! @johanalfred and I head out in less then 2 months. So ready!



My equipment list during our latest trailrunning endeavors.

200 Icebreaker Leggings,
200 Icebreaker LS Crewe,
Fjällräven High Coast Wind Jacket,
Petzl Nao headlight,
Icebug shoes Acceleritas4,
Boxer long ones

Haglöfs LIM 25L,
Waterbottles 2x500ml,
Energybar and simple food,
200 Icebreaker Leggings,
200 Icebreaker LS Crewe,
Beanie Icebreaker,
Gloves Hestra Runners All Weather,
Fluffy jacket with hood,
Haglös Barrier III pants,
Socks Thicker Smartwool,
First Aid,
Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL,
Marmot Hydrogen sleepingbag,
Exped Airmat UL Lite M,
Small towel



American street pancakes with orange.

1 apple
2,5dl flour
2,5dl milk
1 egg
1 package saffron
100g melted butter + butter for the pan
1tsp salt
1tsp sugar
1tsp baking powder

Serve with diced oranges ?

Photo: @frilufts



I’m here watching the beautiful mountain peaks from a distance. Before I felt the urge to run there as fast as possible, to be there and take it all in, to stand on all the peaks with a big smile and visit the valleys that I could see from them. Today I have a different feeling! I know I feel the urge to climb the peaks because where I am right know is the right place to be. I feel good, I have the beautiful scenery in front of me and I’m already out doing things that I love. I don’t need to go anywhere else. I’m in the right spot, the right mode and I’m already fulfilling my dreams! See you in the mountains.

Saltoluokta Fjällstation


Watching the clouds go by and spice it up a little with funny faces and noises. Oh happy day!

Saltoluokta Fjällstation

Lovely dip

Last day in Saltoluokta for a while. Took the opportunity to skinny dip in Langas before breakfast. +6 degree Celsius.

Saltoluokta Fjällstation


Lingonberry, blueberry, cloudberry… oh that’s a reindeer looking at us. Swedish mountains ❤️


Sleeping arrangement

Elsa likes her new sleeping bag. Less then two weeks until our family adventure!

Elsa has slept in her down suit from Patagonia on our microadventures and it has worked great, easy to adjust temperature by zipping up and down and in addition she can’t kick it off while sleeping. For this trip we’ve complemented the suit with a kids size sleeping bag from Haglöfs (110cm). The two can be used in combination for colder nights and in addition the down suit works as an extra layer of insulation during lunch breaks etc.


Slowly getting there

Emelie’s Kajka 65W is also packed for the first time for this trip and our equipment list is written. Elsa appreciate the book from Calazo in her own way. Today we will visit the city center for the last preparations and Daniel will get his backpack ready for 7 days as a guide at Fjällräven Classic.


Monster backpack

Let’s go on a family adventure in the mountains. We carry most of our stuff including food for 17 days. While planning it sounded so easy.. I know different know. The hardest part is done, everything is in the pack (or hanging on it..). Now it’s time for the second stage; unpack, evaluate, minimize and repack. Still a couple of days to get everything together and get tuned. Game on!