One hour to outdoors

500SEK per person

Searching for a micro adventure in Gothenburg? A quick dip in a lake somewhere, food made over open fire and someone to share it all with? On our microadventures we sleep close to the city center and will be back before work. Depending on the season I have different adventures prepared, contact me for more information.

What’s in my backpack?

300SEK per person

Throughout my adventures I’ve learned how to master the composition of my backpack and what to leave back home. On this workshop/personal meeting I’ll walk you through my pack and why I choose to bring the things I do. This workshop is yours to build – focus could be about pilgrimage, long distance hiking/cycling or a micro adventure in a nearby surrounding. Contact me for more information.

Adventurers Gatherings’

100SEK per person

If you are planning an adventure, large or small, then this gathering should be helpful and inspiring for you. If you already have done something adventurous yourself – then I’d love you to come along too. This event has no formal presentations – it’s a group of people and everyone exchanging their past and future trips and tricks. See it as a social networking event. Contact me for more information.

Hire me as you're guide

Are you interested to hire me as you're guide? Please contact me for more information!