A new beginning, an idea and a vision of something bigger and warmer. A place to meet, tell stories from the past and make plans for tomorrow. Sparks that soon will transform into flames and heat your body, give you warm food and boiling coffee.

Early Fire.

Nurture it like a baby. Protect it from unwanted guests, feed it with the best there is around and let it grow when ready. Look at it, let it breath and give it your full attention. A fire like this is a treasure worth protecting. It will soon be ready to welcome you all with it’s sparkling sounds and dry surroundings.


If you did okey you now have a fire in front of you. You’ve hopefully been friends for a while, the fire and you. Your mind goes from being in the moment, listening to the wind, the sparks, the flames and from time to time your mind wanders off. You think about the people back home, the trail ahead and the comfy sleeping bag that you soon will be sleeping in.