I met Daniel from Sweden through his post on the Camino pilgrims forum. We met for an morning beer in Lisbon and decided that we would start our Camino together. Daniel speaks excellent English and made me laugh at everything. His comedic sense of timing was much appreciated as was the fact that I know he slowed his pace down dramatically so that we could walk together.

Kari GaleUSA

I had the pleasure of walking with Daniel for a few days on the Camino Portuguese this October. During that time I came to realise he is quite an insightful person with the ability to be very task focused but at the same time thoughtful of other people. It was a walk where we shared interesting conversation and comfortable silences.

Peter O'MearaThailand

Even though Daniel has a great sense of humor and is always up for joking around, I would say still waters run deep! On the size of his little backpack - sometimes less is more - you could immediately see that Daniel is an experienced walker, hiker or pilgrim whatever you want to call it. You would never hear a complaint from Daniel, but only acknowledging the bright side of life!

Judith TaGermany

I had the privilege of meeting Daniel in June of this year while walking the Camino Frances. We became part of a group of pilgrims who chose to walk together during the day and to eat, drink and be merry during the evening. It was magical. The interesting thing about Daniel, though, is that he didn’t just walk, eat, and drink with the rest of us; he was also provided leadership in his calm, gentle way. He was always looking out for us; herding the straggler back into the group; making sure everyone was okay without making a big deal of it. I always felt confident when I was walking with Daniel and always felt that laughter was about to break out! I highly recommend him and his leadership skills for any outdoor venture that he undertakes.

Nancy BrownCanada

Jag och min far träffade Daniel första gången då vi gick Björnturen 2016. Blev grymt inspirerad och motiverad av Daniels meritlista. Daniel är ödmjuk och social samt mycket kunnig inom friluftsliv och löpning. Han drar sig inte för att hjälpa till. Var ingen nackdel då det visade sig att vi bodde i samma stad. Efter Björnturen har Daniel hjälpt till med info och kartor på olika resor jag gjort plus att vi även varit på en del mindre äventyr tillsammans. Daniel har blivit en riktig vän. Dessa åsikter delas av mig och min far.

Peter & JohnnySweden

I met Daniel on Fyn at the Fjällräven Classic Denmark. My foot was broken and Daniel looked after me and brought me to the checkpoint. We had great conversations and he also took care of the organization in the hospital afterwards! A great guy! And super nice! He makes jokes and can comfort well when one is sad and does not know any more!

Lena KrumbeckGermany

I participated in Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2017. It’s the first trek of my life. I had to walk 75km in 3 days, and it was too rainy by anomaly climate. Furthermore, my right knee was not working on the second day. But I finally hiked the whole trail. It was possible thanks to Daniel. He always encouraged me and helped me to keep my pace during Classic. We used to say it together like an incantation after break time. “Vamous! (Let’s Go)”. I wouldn’t enjoy hiking if I didn’t meet Daniel in Denmark. It was lucky for me.

Hyun KoKorea

An adventure is like a cocktail. When the ingredients are right the taste is phenomenal, and sometimes I just need a slice of lemon. Daniel Vilhelmsson is like the bartender. You are in focus, and if nature serves an adventure cocktail, Daniel lets nature rule. If nature sends you a curved ball with rain or bad weather, Daniel finds the right ingredients to make the adventure complete. To have a bartender in world class, is an insurance that adventure is ahead. So trust your bartender and you’re in for a world class adventure.

Vidar Lyrstrand@Eventyrinorden

If your looking for someone who can show you how easy it is to access beautiful and serene places, Daniel is definitely the guy to do that. He is very humble with excellent social skills and humor. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to enjoying and experiencing the outdoors as well as knowledgeable on bushcraft and what equipment to use and not to use. I have joined Daniel for two micro adventures that took place at a hiking distance from the Gothenburg city centre and have absolutely loved it! Both times I slept with nothing but the sky above my head, woke up and went directly to work the day after, but not before having enjoyed a dip in a forest lake and some freshly brewed coffee from an open fire. If you need a guide who can inspire you, Daniel has all the skills you need. And if you are really lucky he might even fry you some pancakes on the open fire in the morning before you head off to work.

David HeigisSweden