Company Core Values

Inspirational Outdoors is about adventures, large and small. Our purpose is to inspire and help you to get outdoors. Explore your surroundings in a new way, connect with people, create social networks and opportunities for the future.

The Reasons Why

Gratitude, happiness and friendship. I know I’m on the right path when I show people in the right direction and see them connect with the surrounding scenery and with each other; when they feel happiness and, for instance, answer the cold wind gusts with a smile instead of hiding in their clothes with empty eyes.

Regarding my business. Imagine a peach. The outer skin is what I do (guiding, presentations etc), the flesh is how I do it. The core of everything, the answer to why, is in the stone. To be a juicy peach, or for me to have a healthy business, we need to pay attention to all of the above.

I give you the opportunity to see the details in your backpack and the surrounding nature while traveling with me. I help you to raise your head when you’re tired and in return I have someone to appreciate the scenery, the wind gust and morning coffee with. And that, my friend, is why I do it.

Drinking like a reindeer

Being humble

Through time nature has given me so much: wonderful scenery, the whitest snow, the purest water, lovely days in our archipelagos, magical mountains, wildlife to admire and grass perfectly bent by the wind. It also served me sunsets and firewood, tailwind to enjoy and headwinds to endure, rain that made me damp and wet, but also sun that made me dry and warm. Above all, nature taught me to appreciate things the way they are and to work with them, instead of against them. As a father I want to be able to give my daughter the same and, therefore, I took a stand and decided to never fly for a guide job, ever.

Even if we remove the environmental aspect from the debate of whether to fly or not, my answer would have been the same. I want to have time to leave the place I was at, leave work physically and mentally, let go of thoughts and everyday life. I want to have time to sit on a train, change focus, meet people and look out the window. By allowing the transfer from pre-adventure to the adventure being a process, I get more in phase with the adventure and myself.

Daniel Vilhelmsson Wesén

Daniel is currently working as a salesman in an outdoors store as an equipment specialist and has his own company on the side. He inspires people through meetings like Adventurers Gatherings’ and guiding on different events such as Fjällräven Classic (Sweden, Denmark) and Björnturen. He also organises microadventures and workshops around Gothenburg with groups.

Swedish Mountain Leader, 2017
Nols Wilderness First Aid, Crossing Latitudes, 2016
Friluftsliv – fördjupning på distans, Malungs Folkhögskola, 2015
Fjäll & Vildmarksledare, Malungs Folkhögskola, 2014/2015
Nutrition adviser, Paulúns Näringscenter, 2013
Running Coach, PT-School & Running Sweden, 2012
TRX Suspension Training, Concept, 2011
Licensed Personal Trainer, PT-School, 2010
Cardio & Endurance training, PT-School, 2010
Expedition Week, Mikael & Titti Strandberg, 2001

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