In autumn 2014 myself and three others walked over the Suorva dam and into Sarek National Park. We wanted to see Rapadalen in all the warm Autumn colors and we hoped to see some of the wild animals. The bus and the nearby cabins had closed down for the season and we didn’t see more than three other human beings during the walk. We had a lot of colourful leaves and cold mornings and in the end of the trip we even had snow covering the ground. We had two tents with us (a 1 man and 3 man tent). In the evening we usually stayed in the big one, playing cards, listening to music and making some food together. We only did one peak and it was Låddebakte. From the top you could see a long way and it’s really astonishing.


Sarek National Park is a national park in the Lapland province, northern Sweden. It borders two other national parks: Stora Sjöfallet and Padjelanta. Sarek is popular with hikers and mountaineers but is not appropriate for beginners.

The national park is roughly circular with an average diameter of about 50 kilometres (31.07 mi). It has no marked trails, no accommodations, and only two bridges aside from those in the vicinity of its borders.

The delta of the Rapa River is considered one of Europe’s prettiest, and the summit of mount Skierffe (sv) offers an overlook of this ice-covered glacial trough valley.

Getting there

In the end we hired a car in Kiruna and drove to Suorva, walked over the dam and into Sarek. The boats and buses ended there season during our walk and made it hard for us to figure out a good plan overall so we came up with a new plan, hired a car and drove back and forth to Kiruna.
When the huts is open and the bus goes as plan you take the train to Gällivare and then the bus towards Ritsem.


You have to sleep in a tent and cook your meals on a petrol stove or similar. It could be windy and there is only a handful of shelters around. Now how to use your gear and practice pitching you’re tent in bad weather.



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