↞ Presentations ↠

The art of walking

coming soon…

SEK 699 / Per Person

What’s in my backpack?

Throughout my adventures I’ve learned how to master the composition of my backpack and what to leave back home. On this presentation/personal meeting I’ll walk you through the settings and functions of the pack and why I choose to bring the things I do. This workshop is yours to build – focus could be about pilgrimage, long distance hiking or a micro adventure in a nearby surrounding. A personal workshop is approximatley 3 hours.

SEK 599 / Per Person


Interested in trying a microadventure? Need a little push to actually make it happen? This presentation will be about nearby adventures in and around Gothenburg. Microadventures that you easily do in between work or during weekends. I give you hint and tricks, inspiring images and share my mindset.
A minimum of 5 people are required. This event is approximately 90min with the possibility to ask questions during and after the presentation.

SEK 99 / Per Person

↞ Guided Tours ↠

Microadventures in Gothenburg

They may be small but microadventures can still be challenging and rewarding. Each one is designed to inspire others to set their own challenges, challenges which may be short but which grasp the spirit of adventure. We got different adventures ready for you, contact me and tell us what you want!
A minimum of 2 people required.

Evening wild swims, food made over open fire and someone to share it all with? On our microadventures we sleep close to the city center and can easily be back in town before work.

Microadventure examples: A random 5 to 9 micro adventure, Fire under the stars, Swim to an Island, Archipelago hideout, Wildcamping, Clocks go back (October 24th), Headlight walk.

SEK 899 / Per Person

Backcountry camping for beginners

If you want to learn more about how to plan and make your own camping adventures in the mountains, then this course is for you! For 4 days (5 in Helags) we sleep, live, eat and navigate in the mountains to become better outdoor people. Minimum of  6 people required. Held in Storulvån or Helags, Sweden.

SEK 4999 / Per Person

Backcountry camping

Winter edition

If you want to learn more about how to plan and carry out your own adventures in the mountains during the winter, then this course is for you! For 4 days, we sleep, live, eat and navigate in the snowy landscape to become better outdoor people. Skis and sledge is not included in the price. Minimum of  6 people required. Held in Storulvån, Sweden.

SEK 4999 / Per Person

Adventurers’ Gathering

Big & tiny conversations…coming soon!

SEK 199 / Per Person

Custom tours

Hire me as your guide! I offer you tailor made day trips, short overnight adventures in a tent and longer expeditions where we get further into the wilderness. Everything from the event Fjällräven Classic to smaller group arrangement in the Swedish mountains. Contact me for more information. Travel expenses excluded.

SEK 2499 / Per Day