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Gold nuggets

We all have environments and happenings that make us feel at peace, where we are in close contact with nature and more in sync with the present. There is no us and them, everything is one. Contact; what I call my home or my church is everywhere but is more tangible and easier to “capture” for me in the following environments.

  • The sound of snow drifting through the forest, towards the mountain birches and the branches and stones that may be sticking up through the snow. It is magical to rest your eyes upon but also sounds sharp and abrasive as it fly by. Sometimes the flakes on the surface looks like standing frosty cornflakes. They break loose when you ski past them and fly away over the landscape. It sounds something like glas.
  • The smell of equalyptus trees in the morning when the humidity is higher. When your little backpack is on and you just have left the night’s shelter to continue hiking.
  • Autumn in the Swedish mountains. All the ever-changing colors and to be able walk through the landscape.
  • The sound of cicadas when cycling. The deafening sound that fills the entire environment with sound and life.
  • The sound of ravens. Whenever! Everything stops and my ears grow big like a toilet lids.
  • Swim naked in a lake with all the trees surrounding it.
  • To be able to hear the wind approaching in the treetops further away and moment later see the trees sway above you and have the breeze in your face.
  • When I leave my winter camp with skies for my evening routine. Then I often stand and look at the stars, the northern lights and the small tent in the distance with a candle in the vestibule. My home and protection. Feeling so little while standing there in the valley ↟

What are your gold nuggets?

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