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I really like Grövelsjön and the surrounding area. It’s a great place to start off any adventure. I’ve been doing both summer and winter trips here and there are a lot of alternative routes and places to explore. You can easily ski into Norway from the alpstation or walk in the other direction and climb the municipalities highest point (Storvätteshågna). There are a couple of cabins if you don’t like tents or if you want a back up when you´re out sleeping in snow caves. The Mountaineers White & Green Ribbon begins in Grövelsjön as well. The station and the alps surrounding are family friendly and there’s a lot of good and healthy food to eat at the station whenever you want it..


Grövelsjön is the southern door to the Swedish mountains. Here, the mountains are gently rounded and easy to get up if you want a feel for wide open spaces. The valleys are wide, sparsely covered and easily hiked. Mountain streams with drinkable water wind their way at a gentle pace.

STF Mountain Station

STF Grövelsjön is a nice play to stay the first and last night.


You can find adventure in every direction from the mountain station. Lakes, hilltops, waterfalls, open flat areas and a lot of birch forest as well.

Nearby cabins

There is a couple of small cabins you easily can walk to and stay the night in. Ask the personel at the mountain station.



More photos at my Facebook profile here.

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