I’m just up into the air inside the aircraft and I’m already in love! I’m so excited to spend a month biking on Iceland and I can’t wait to get started pedalling. In Keflavik I fixed everything, bought some white gas for my kitchen, stored my bicycle box in cardboard and finally rolled down the street. Bring it on! I spent some time biking to Iceland’s most well known and active volcano Hekla, and she was really beautiful. I stopped for a while and said hi before passing her on the north side heading for Landmannalaugar. A simple internet search and you can see why. Along this road I got stuck in a sand blizzard and for a while I was lying  on top of the bike just to hold it down. My camera lens was never  the same after this trip but I have some really nice photos and overall it was worth it. I broke a rim on this trip and had to stick my thumb out to two friends I had just met 5  minutes before and they drove me to Höfn. At this point Höfn didn’t have a bike store and I don’t know if they do now. I met a guy with a friend interested in cycling and I was able to buy a better wheel from him. Other highlights were Iceland’s highest point Hvannadalshnúkur, the lake Jökulsárlón and the waterfall Skógafoss.


I only had a minor plan when I landed in Keflavik. I bought the maps and some other stuff i needed and after two days in Reykjavik I knew where to go. Iceland is bike friendly but the streets can get busy during the weekends. I really loved the lava desert and some day I will do a longer walk here.

Store cardboard box in Keflavik

Alex have a great first and last night stay for you and they also store your bicycle box while you’re out cycling.

Highest summit

I booked a trip with and managed to borrow some equipment to so I could walk up to the summit with ~10 other people. Worth it!

Blue lagoon

I would say it’s a nice tourist attraction but there is so much better places to enjoy this natural geothermal hot springs. Take your friends and pedal to Landmannalaugar to see the lava field, bath in the hot spring and walk up one of the mountains and look at the colourful surroundings.


Höfn is an Icelandic fishing town in the south-eastern part of the country.
This harbour town gives scenic views of Vatnajökull (the largest ice cap in Europe by volume). A cultural highlight of the town is the annual Humarhátíð (lobster festival) held on the first weekend of July, although today the Humarhátíð has been described by some as a “drink’n fun festival”. During the summer season, the Glacier Exhibition is held in the old supermarket building.

Jökulsárlón-Glacier lagoon

Jökulsárlón-Glacier lagoon is one of Icelands most visited places. You get to taste the 1000 years old ice from the lagoon and if you’re lucky you might see some curious seals. I slept here for one night and met two other cyclists.


I mostly slept on campgrounds, some were free of charge and at others you had to pay. If you want to camp out in the wild please read this blogpost



More photos at my Facebook profile here.