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Jämtland Ski trip 2015

Me and a friend from school wanted a nice ski experience so we looked at a map for a while to see what we could come up with. We wanted to see more of Jämtland and we decided to ski the triangle (jämtlandstriangeln). We started from Storulvån Mountain Station and skied to Blåhammaren the first day. The weather was really nice and we had great fun all day. Blåhammaren has a really nice sauna and we stayed there for a bit before eating in the restaurant. The second day we decided to do a little detour from the triangle and skied to Storeriksvollen on the Norwegian side. We found really nice cabins with gras on the roofs. We unlocked the cabin and picked our beds on the second floor. Later we decided to ski around the houses as an evening walk before bed and ended up doing a summit attempt nearby. Later on in the evening we were standing on the summit looking out over the white terrain. We stayed there for a while before going down Snowroller style (Swedish movie). The third day we crossed over the lake and skied towards Sylarna. We skied over the lake with some distance in between us. The small cabin near the peak Fiskåhöjden (half way) made a perfect shelter from the wind and I had a small nap there before skiing the final stretch to Sylarna. Today we had wind gusts and we were pretty cold the last hour towards Sylarna. After Sylarna we went north back to Storulvån and completed the “triangle”.

You can follow my friend Peter on his instagram account.

Notes from my field journal

“This is a classic Swedish trail, between the mountain stations at Storulvån, Sylarna and Blåhammaren. Food can be purchased at the mountain stations, Blåhammaren and Storulvån have first-rate restaurants as well. We did a detour and visited Storeriksvollen in Norway.”

“There is a lot of history in the surroundings. In Storulvån you can see and read more about the Carolean Death March. Sylarna Mountain Station is STF’s first station, 1897. Ask the personal about their history; one exempel could be the one about the big fire in 1980 and the stuff they saved.”

“You don’t have to ski that far for a good view and a reason to stay. Embrace!”


The red line is our detour to Storeriksvollen and the black line is Jämtland Triangle.

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