I did this trip in 2009 with Robert Aschberg, Gert Fylking and Emil Hansén. Robert and Gert started in Ystad and held a fundraising event to raise money for prostrate cancer research. I joined them near Karlskrona, with an initial plan of walking with them for just a couple of days. In the end I walked with them to Haparanda! In Haparanda the guys had their final programme on TV8 and soon after the evening party finished, they, the crew and everyone went home. By then I had a new goal in my mind so I walked for a couple of more weeks up to three borders cross (Treriksröset) and spent my birthday there before going home by bus and train. The walk took me 96 days and was 2200km (1367 miles) long.


We walked into a bigger city every weekend for our television show. Me and Emil slept in tents. During the walk we had a couple of volunteers that helped us finding our way up north.

Prostate Cancer

More information about prostate cancer on wikipedia.


When the others left for hotels and other homes I pitched my tent. A Hilleberg tent named Akto became my home for three months. It’s 1,5kg and really easy to bring on trips like this. I could sit in the middle of the tent and do most of my stuff in there. On rainy days when I had a bunch of mosquitos between the tent fabrics it could feel a little small. Emil and I shared this tent during our first week and it’s really not that fun.


During the weekends I spent my free time in a hostel. I had a proper shower, did some laundry and slept in a normal bed. During the weekends we also built our stage and had a television show on TV8.


During this trip we had FMCK as our guides. We had a morning meeting and then they did the hard work finding a good road for us. After Haparanda I used Google maps mostly. You can find really simpel maps with road and villages in tourist offices and petrol stations for free too.


More photos at my Facebook profile here.