We began our trip in Kärringsjön, it’s at the end of a long private gravel road. There are nice cabins and you can park you’re car there (fees apply). There are a lot of small lakes here and you have to jump in and out between them and carry your kayak. But it’s worth it! The first day we paddled to Skedbrostugan. During the afternoon it started to snow and it was a magical experience for me when I could see snow landing on my kayak. The second day we paddled southeast as close to Rogen as we could and then carried the gear over. The waves were big and it was tricky not to roll over. I managed to make it in one piece and we made the last paddle strokes of the day in Norway. I put the front of the kayak into a small waterfall and then ended the evening pitching the tent. The morning after was really calm. We paddled for a bit and then decided not to paddle any longer into Norway,  instead we paddled on Rogens southside and later had a fire going the whole evening. The last day we paddled to Rogen cabins for a short break and then we dragged the kayaks overland a km or two east from the cabins back to Kärringsjön


It’s wonderful to glide along the shores of Lake Rogen, seeing all the boulders you would otherwise have to negotiate on land, or paddling from Käringsjön into a maze of small lakes. But it’s not an easy trip. The small jagged lakes are not connected, so you have to be prepared to carry your kayak, sometimes for several hundred metres.

Where to begin

Me and Gustav began our adventure in Käringsjön. They also have a Facebook page. Käringsjön is located at the end of the last and stoniest road in Rogen Nature Reserve. They have cabins and a lot of good information for you. You can find there phone number on there Facebook page if you want to book accommodation.

On this trip we also spent a night in Skedbrostugan and had a small coffee break next to Rogenstugorna. There is a lot of water here and you can easily expand your adventure to Norway or even Hävlingestugorna.


In this area you have to be prepared to carry your kayaks a couple of times. It could be slippery, heavy and adventurous.



More photos at my Facebook profile here.