My first Swedish walk started from Smygehuk on January 3th 2004. I had a ridiculously heavy bag back (32kg or 70.5pounds). I learned a lot on this trip about life on the road, about myself and I met a lot of people at the same time. When I started the walk there was no snow, but it didn’t take long… When I reached Örebro I had to buy snowshoes to enable me to move along the trails in the forest. When I eventually walked into Ytterhogdal I had a cold and I was done! I had been out for 3 months. It was my first long adventure in a tent and I was proud of myself making it this far through Sweden on foot.


I always loved long walks and when I got older the plans of a walk through Sweden started to take form. I always did summer road trips with my family and I wondered if a three month walk with start in January could be fun.


There is a lot of different ways to find you’re way through Sweden. You can use the app or Google maps if you like to use you phone. There is even free maps that you can use and then put in the fire when you’re done with it. You can find the free maps in petrol stations, tourist offices, camping ground, hostels and more.

Laundry and Showers

When I walked I tried to have a shower and wash my clothes once a week.


You can do it in many different ways. Before this trip I focused on money and gear and when it was time I walked with no specific training. You can start slowly and get used to your daily activity along the way like I did or if you’re up for it and have time you should walk with your backpack for an hour or two and then add some weight to it. Spend a night out, walk a couple of hours on your free weekends and then when your close to your adventure focus on it, breath it, be it.


Be true to yourself and write all your questions down, talk to people and even if you’re not ready to answer there questions think about them. Write it down, think about your answers and form your adventure around the answers.

Money and gear

You will never have the amount of money you want and you will most probably carry to much gear from the beginning. Send things home if you don’t need them and spend your money wisely.



More photos at my Facebook profile here.