Day 01, Porto, stayed at Lindo Vale Guest House
Day 02, Porto to Vila do Conde, stayed at Santana Hotel & Spa
Day 03, Vila do Conde to Esposende, stayed at Suave Mar Hotel
Day 04, Esposende to Viana Do Castelo, stayed at Pousada de Viana do Castelo
Day 05, Viana Do Castelo to Caminha, stayed at Muralha de Caminha
Day 06, Caminha to Tui, stayed at Hotel A Torre do Xudeu
Day 07, Tui to Arcade, stayed at Balneario Acuña
Day 08, Arcade to Caldas de Reis, stayed at Albergue Lameiriñas
Day 09, Caldas de Reis to Padrón, stayed at Albergue Corredoiras
Day 10, Padrón to Santiago de Compostela stayed at A Casa Do Peregrino
Day 11, Sightseeing in Santiago de Compostela
Day 12, Sightseeing in Santiago de Compostela
Day 13, Flying home from Santiago de Compostela


Most pilgrims start in Porto when they do the Camino Portuguese. The Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela goes through Porto and enters Galicia via the City of Tui. Northern Portugal and Galicia are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean resulting in a changeable maritime climate, hence the references to ‘Green Portugal and Green Spain’.

Finding your way

Along the trail you will follow yellow arrows. Sometimes they are hard to see but overall it’s okey.  Sometimes following the coastline we didn’t bother following them at all. We bought a guidebook from John Brierley and I treasured the maps. We did use the app maps.me for navigating when we didn’t follow the yellow arrows. In the app you zoom in on your area and it will download the maps so you can use them later in flight mode where ever you are.

Other Pilgrims

On Camino Portuguese you will have a lot of time alone with your thoughts.  It’s less crowded then the French Way. Most of the pilgrims starting in Porto walk the central route and we decided to walk along the sea.


We decided from the beginning to spend extra money on this adventure. Along the coast from Porto to Caminha we stayed in Hotels with poolbars and wonderful breakfasts.


We could say Hi, Goodbye and simple words like that when we started to walk and it worked well. Sometimes you have to use your body language and point at things but it works. We think you should at least know some simple phrases to show some curtesy and interest in their country and it’s a really good icebreaker too.

Daniel’s Gear

Simple wallet including everything important.
(passport, cards, money, adventure business cards)
Sunglasses and regular glasses
Cellphone and headphones
Base layer LS shirt, Icebreaker
Base layer SS shirt, Icebreaker
Nallo Jacket M, Tierra
Underwear x2, Icebreaker
Socks x2, Aclima
Gore-Tex Active Jacket, Tierra
Keb Fleece half zip, Fjällräven
Kalfjäll Trousers, Fjällräven
Keb Gaiter Trousers (shorts only), Fjällräven
Runners to walk in, Saucony
Liner to sleep in, Cocoon
Bergen 30L, Fjällräven

Emelie’s Gear

Gram 25L, Haglöfs
Keb Eco-Shell jacket, Fjällräven
Liner to sleep in
Keb Trousers, Fjällräven
Rainpants, Haglöfs
Smal purse with the important stuff
Base layer LS shirt, Icebreaker
Base layer SS shirt, Icebreaker
Half zip layer 2, Craft
Wind jacket, Salomon
T-shirt, Tierra
Bikini, Houdini
Shorts, Salomon
Tank, Icebreaker
Sports Bra, Icebreaker
Underwear x4
Socks thin x2
Socks thick x2
Keb fleece hoodie, Fjällräven (evening)
Trousers, Houdini (evening)
Sealbags x3
Runners, New Balance
Cellphone with headphones

Shared Gear

John Brierley’s guidebook
Canon EOS M, 32gb, 18-55mm, charger
First Aid kit
Cellphone charger
Small soap

Useful links

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Pilgrim House Santiago
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FAQ ‘s official site



More photos at my Facebook profile here.