Tent Tribute – Hilleberg

My family and some friends slept at this beautiful spot last weekend. It’s an island outside of Gothenburg, Sweden called Galterö. I’ve been there a lot lately. My family slept in the tent to the right, a Kaitum 3GT, and one of our friends in the left one (Rogen). The evening wind was cold so we stayed in the tents protected from the chilly winds so we could enjoy the last sun. Our daughter had her first night outside last year only 2,5 months old. This evening she is 14 months. The temperature was okey inside the tent so long johns and a fleece were enough during our evening meal. Weekend adventures like this doesn’t need much planning but always gives us a lot back.. We ended up getting this tent due to a lot of reasons like openings, space, quality, ventilations and more. There is a saying that you have to spend 10.000 hours at something to be really good at it. I’ve been in or around tents that amount of time for sure but still learning new things every time. I have had other brands and models throughout the years but Hilleberg will always be my No.1 choice.


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