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“Whenever I pick up a book, a tome or even a manual there are elements I've come to expect, such as the way information is approached and conveyed within those pages. But I found a rare and welcome exception to that rule in Daniel Vilhelmsson Wesen's work titled Inspirational Outdoors. I was immediately taken by the frank, introspective nature of the piece and how honestly, and earnestly, his outdoor experience was described. Where, in other such attempts, authors focus upon technique or equipment, Daniel almost exclusively imparts what should be the most important element of this sort of adventure: the emotional and introspective effect. For that I am pleased and grateful, and wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone interested in a life spent wholly or partly outdoors.”

Marc Lawson

“Bought it, loved it, recommend it!!”

Judith Still

“Underbar bok! Fint skriven. Personlig och full av tankar och erfarenheter. Vill bara ut själv när man läser. Ren inspiration!”

Karin Ryberg

“Beautiful photos and great tips on how to get a good time outside. The author has definitely created a great book and you’ll learn a lot by reading this beautiful book. An absolute must for anyone that likes to spend time outdoors!”

Nathalie Bilan


“Efter en fantastisk tur i Sarek i mars/april 2021 vill vi tacka Daniel för hans stora kunskap, erfarenhet och råd i vår förberedelse till vår första vintertur med tält. Daniel har varit vår rådgivare och coach under hösten och vintern inför resan. Tack vare Daniel blev vår Sarektur en mycket positiv upplevelse på alla sätt – Daniel har en unik förmåga att inspirera och dela med sig av sitt stora kunnande och erfarenhet.”

Familjen Diedrichs, Sweden

“There are two things that stand out with Daniel; his vast knowledge about the great outdoors and maybe most importantly his humble and big-hearted personality. We consulted Daniel while planning for a 10 day trip through Sarek National Park. He did not cease to impress with his extensive knowledge about one of Sweden’s most isolated regions, which he knows as well as his own backyard. If we had done the research ourselves it would have taken days to find and even then there is certain information that you cannot find on the internet. Daniel could answer all of our questions from the tip of the tongue as well as adding extra tips of do’s and don’ts. We received reliable information and feel confident walking through one of Sweden’s wildest regions. On top of Daniel’s extensive knowledge he also has a really enjoyable personality and makes everyone around him feel appreciated. Clearly this is the result of a man who gives his passion everything and loves inspiring others.”

Louise Elger and Konrad Pohl, Sweden

With skis in Sarek

“In late March 2022 I had the pleasure of attending a 5 people, 8-day ski/tent tour through Sarek , "Europe's last wilderness", guided by Daniel. I had some experience from a similar but shorter trip and had a few things of concern. Any such concerns were easily resolved with practical suggestions in preparational meetings and email conversations prior to the trip. Such matters could be anything from what type of food to bring, to "how to keep your gear and yourself dry" or hardware-oriented things like suitable skis.
Daniels experience from the actual route we were taking was very valuable and most likely saved a lot off efforts by avoiding unnecessary troublesome paths.

As a person Daniel possesses a wealth of knowledge related to outdoor activities, I found him to be a really pleasant guy with a very humble appearance. He had advice or answers to anything I asked about and was open to new ideas himself.
He took responsibility for the groups well-being, checking up on the team every morning and evening and during the day. He would occasionally after dinner come by the other tents and surprise us with a dessert, like cinnamon apples in vanilla sauce or a variant of "fried almond paste". Unbelievably tasty after a hard day.

I can highly recommend Daniel as a guide or mentor for these kinds of outdoor activities !”

Christer Cederqvist, Sweden

“A good man who remains calm in adverse and challenging conditions; Daniel Vilhelmsson Wesén of inspirational_outdoors. It was a pleasure and a privilege to do some guiding together and to witness his laid-back yet always clued up attitude out in the wilderness. Relentlessly willing to lay down tracks across the harshest terrain, to read the landscape and weather intelligently and to tackle adversity with a light heart, sensitivity and a big smile.”

Ulfson Arvidsson, Sweden

“Deltog i skidturen i Sarek med pulka vintern 2022 med Daniel Vilhelmsson Wesén som guide. Jag har vandrat i Sarek på sommaren flera gånger men ville uppleva nationalparken i vinterskrud. Av säkerhetsskäl men också för att lära mig mer om längre vinterturer letade jag efter en guidad tur. På sommaren går jag oftast ensam och älskar den frihet och avkoppling som det ger. Därför oroade jag mig lite för att en tur med guide skulle ge för mycket av ”turistkänsla”. Men med Daniel som turledare blev gruppen ett fint team. Daniel har gedigen fjällvana och en imponerande förmåga att dela med sig av den på ett ödmjukt och inbjudande sätt. Vill du uppleva Sarek fullt ut på vintern, ha det riktiga äventyret men samtidigt få inspiration och känna trygghet i att gruppen har en turledare med gedigen kunskap och erfarenhet är den här turen ett perfekt val. Väl framme i Saltoluokta var jag riktigt trött, ja det var stundtals tuffare än jag hade väntat mig, men framförallt var jag helt uppfylld av en fantastisk vintervecka i Sarek.”

Fredrik Malmberg, Sweden

“Under min utbildning till fjälledare vid Malungs folkhögskola fick jag möjligheten att praktisera på en 8 dagars expedition genom Sarek ledd av fjälledaren Daniel Vilhelmsson Wesén. Med tre kunder tog vi oss genom nationalparken med turskidor, pulkor och tält i ett minst sagt varierande väder. Turen var en helt fantastisk upplevelse och en otroligt givande praktik. Daniel är en trygg fjälledare som på ett pedagogiskt sätt delade med sig av sin kunskap, både konkreta tips och tankar kring att vara fjälledare. Turen gjorde mig tryggare både som fjällfarare vintertid och i att själv leda deltagare i fjällmiljö.”

Gustav Kihl, Sweden

Fjällräven Classic, Sweden

“It's a nice experience to walk 110km trail in 5 days accompany with an interesting and experienced mentor. Daniel took care of team members who had discomfort during the hike and made sure everyone was OK. With Daniel as a guide everyone finished the hike successfully. And I also learned some useful Swedish from him, like how to order a beer, which is so important when you take a rest in the huts or at the finish line.”

楊發發, Taiwan

“First, it was a wonderful trip in Sweden, much thanks to Daniel, he is the most nice and humorous person I have ever met. Although, my english is poor, this trip became unforgettable!!!! From this trip I've learned so many things, like how to pack and unpack my own stuff and how to choose campsites. From time to time we used funny language to chat with each other but we also just enjoyed being accompanied by each other. All above memories made this trip so special and memorable.”

許栯捷, Taiwan

“We met Daniel at Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2017. As an experienced guide at this trekking event, he provided us with lots of useful suggestions with great delight before and during trek, it made us feel free to talk with him. In this 5 days, we talked about the magnificent landscape, had some juicy berries, shared some stories of native people, and moreover, he let us know the positive attitude in the wild. It was our pleasure to meet him. We have an unforgettable adventure in Lapland.”

Ya-Chi Yang, Taiwan

“It’s truly a great fortune and pleasure that Daniel could be the person who led and accompanied me to take the summer adventure on “Kungsleden” at Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2019. As an experienced guide or even a trusted mentor, Daniel always makes me feel safe and comfortable to follow him in his footsteps when walking behind him. Besides, the time we talk and laugh, have meals, say goodnight or goodmorning, set up the campfire, swim in the refreshing water, or just walk silently and enjoy the spectacular scenery, has all turned into the most beautiful and precious memory to me.
To be honest, saying goodbye and try not to miss Daniel too early is quite difficult for me after spending about a week together in this lovely wonderland. Sincerely hope that I could meet somewhere or trek with Daniel again in the future no matter how far it would be. However, “the longest journey is the one inward”, which Daniel has told (specifically, translated the extremely touched sentence in Swedish on the rock to) me before we went through the finish line in Abisko, I do believe that everything Daniel had taught and spiritually inspired me in this unforgettable journey would make me become a brave but humble person to move forward to exploring the world, the nature, and myself. Deeply appreciated having Daniel with me this time.”

Xin-Wei Huang, Taiwan

Fjällräven Classic, Denmark

“We met Daniel at Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2017 and Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2018. He really is a great guide. He always reminded us of the safety to pay attention during trek and shared a lot of knowledge about the outdoors with us. Daniel is professional but still very humble and has a great sense of humor. He let us know the positive attitude in the wild and life. I learned a lot from him, like positive life attitudes and how to enjoy the outdoors. l feel very lucky to meet him. I hope to meet him again in Fjallraven Classic USA next year.”

陳思蓉 Jamie, Taiwan

“I met Daniel on Fyn at the Fjällräven Classic Denmark. My foot was broken and Daniel looked after me and brought me to the checkpoint. We had great conversations and he also took care of the organization in the hospital afterwards! A great guy! And super nice! He makes jokes and can comfort well when one is sad and does not know any more.”

Lena Krumbeck, Germany

“An adventure is like a cocktail. When the ingredients are right the taste is phenomenal, and sometimes I just need a slice of lemon. Daniel Vilhelmsson is like the bartender. You are in focus, and if nature serves an adventure cocktail, Daniel lets nature rule. If nature sends you a curved ball with rain or bad weather, Daniel finds the right ingredients to make the adventure complete. To have a bartender in world class, is an insurance that adventure is ahead. So trust your bartender and you’re in for a world class adventure.”

Vidar Lyrstrand, Denmark

Camino Portuguese

“Even though Daniel has a great sense of humor and is always up for joking around, I would say still waters run deep! On the size of his little backpack – sometimes less is more – you could immediately see that Daniel is an experienced walker, hiker or pilgrim whatever you want to call it. You would never hear a complaint from Daniel, but only acknowledging the bright side of life!”

Judith Ta, Germany

“I had the pleasure of walking with Daniel for a few days on the Camino Portuguese this October. During that time I came to realise he is quite an insightful person with the ability to be very task focused but at the same time thoughtful of other people. It was a walk where we shared interesting conversation and comfortable silences.”

Peter O’Meara, Thailand

“I met Daniel from Sweden through his post on the Camino pilgrims forum. We met for an morning beer in Lisbon and decided that we would start our Camino together. Daniel speaks excellent English and made me laugh at everything. His comedic sense of timing was much appreciated as was the fact that I know he slowed his pace down dramatically so that we could walk together.”

Kari Gale, USA

Camino Francés

“I had the privilege of meeting Daniel in June of this year while walking the Camino Frances. We became part of a group of pilgrims who chose to walk together during the day and to eat, drink and be merry during the evening. It was magical. The interesting thing about Daniel, though, is that he didn’t just walk, eat, and drink with the rest of us; he was also provided leadership in his calm, gentle way. He was always looking out for us; herding the straggler back into the group; making sure everyone was okay without making a big deal of it. I always felt confident when I was walking with Daniel and always felt that laughter was about to break out! I highly recommend him and his leadership skills for any outdoor venture that he undertakes.”

Nancy Brown, Canada


“Jag har fått möjligheten att följa med Daniel på flera olika slags äventyrslöp. Med honom som guide har jag sprungit mig trött i mörker i skogen på trailstigar upplysta endast av min pannlampa och lagt mig och sovit under en tarp, för att springa vidare morgonen därpå. Jag har sprungit och simmat om vartannat på öarna i Göteborgs skärgård. Oavsett var vi har äventyrslöpt har Daniel bidragit med sin erfarenhet, kunskap och sitt lugn. Han ger tips och råd och har ständigt ett positivt förhållningssätt. Det är både enkelt och roligt att hänga på honom och han bjuder ofta på en spännande överraskning. Inget äventyr är det andra likt. Jag har alltid känt mig trygg i hans sällskap även om jag har fått utmana mig själv. Daniel pushar och stöttar på ett engagerat sätt.
Jag har blivit en bättre och mer teknisk löpare av att följa med Daniel på hans turer. Men ännu viktigare är att han har lockat fram äventyraren i mig. Jag kan varmt rekommendera ett äventyr med honom som guide och inspiratör.”

Li Edqvist, Sweden

“Daniel and I shared a marvelous week together in Sarek National Park in mars 2019. This was my first multi-day winter trip and it was very reassuring to have such a knowledgeful and experienced partner. This was particularly true when we got some issues with the stove. No worries for Daniel and his maintenance kit and the stove was soon up and running again. Knowledge and experience are of course important but most of Daniel is a genuinely nice guy. Prior to this trip we had never pitched a tent together and to be honest, we hadn´t spent that much time together outside work, but that wasn´t a problem and this trip is something I will always cherish.”

Johan Jacobsson, Sweden

“If your looking for someone who can show you how easy it is to access beautiful and serene places, Daniel is definitely the guy to do that. He is very humble with excellent social skills and humor. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to enjoying and experiencing the outdoors as well as knowledgeable on bushcraft and what equipment to use and not to use. I have joined Daniel for two micro adventures that took place at a hiking distance from the Gothenburg city centre and have absolutely loved it! Both times I slept with nothing but the sky above my head, woke up and went directly to work the day after, but not before having enjoyed a dip in a forest lake and some freshly brewed coffee from an open fire. If you need a guide who can inspire you, Daniel has all the skills you need. And if you are really lucky he might even fry you some pancakes on the open fire in the morning before you head off to work.”

David Heigis, Sweden
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