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Sarek National Park is a national park in the Lapland province, northern Sweden. It borders two other national parks: Stora Sjöfallet and Padjelanta. Sarek is popular with hikers and mountaineers but is not appropriate for beginners.

The national park is roughly circular with an average diameter of about 50 kilometres (31.07 mi). It has no marked trails, no accommodations, and only two bridges aside from those in the vicinity of its borders.

The delta of the Rapa River is considered one of Europe’s prettiest, and the summit of mount Skierffe (sv) offers an overlook of this ice-covered glacial trough valley.


There is only a handful of shelters between Ritsem and Saltoluokta Mountain Station. You can ski over the lake to Áhkká and pitch you’re tent here or stay for a night in the small cabin there (there is a fee). From here depending on your route there is only a small emergency shelter before Aktse. In Aktse you can buy some basic food and sleep inside if it’s open. If it’s closed there is always a safety room to be in.

Alex Hamberg

If you want to now more about Axel Hamberg and are interested in his work you can visit his old cabin in Rapadalen. It’s locked but it’s a really nice place.
Information on Wikipedia and if you can read Swedish is a good source for information.


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