Inspirational Outdoors is about adventures, large and small. It’s intended to inspire and help you to get outdoors. Explore your surroundings in a new way, connect with people, create social networks and opportunities for the future.

Daniel Vilhelmsson Wesén


Swedish Mountain Leader, 2017
Nols Wilderness First Aid, Crossing Latitudes, 2016
Friluftsliv – fördjupning på distans, Malungs Folkhögskola, 2015
Fjäll & Vildmarksledare, Malungs Folkhögskola, 2014/2015
Nutrition adviser, Pauluns Näringcenter, 2013
Running Coach, PT-School & Running Sweden, 2012
TRX Suspension Training, Concept, 2011
Licensed Personal Trainer, PT-School, 2010
Cardio & Endurance training, PT-School, 2010
Expedition Week, Mikael & Titti Strandberg, 2001

In my backpack

Sarek hike with wedding at Saltoluokta Mountain Station  2017
Porto – Santiago de Compostela, engagement walk, ~300km, 2017
Lisbon – Santiago de Compostela, ~620km, 2015
Nikkaluokta – Kilpisjärvi, ~310km walk, 2015
Björnturen, 3 times (1x trekking host, 2x guide)
Fjällräven Classic, Sweden 8 times (1x trekking host, 2x guide)
SJPP – Santiago de Compostela, ~800km walk, 2015
Fjällräven Classic, Denmark, 4 times (1x host, 2x guide)
Longest distance walked in one day, Sweden, 102km, 2014
Öresund loop, ~120km bicycle adventure, 2014
King’s Trail, Sweden, walked ~550km, 2013
REcycle Australia, a three month trip with MTB, 4000km, 2011
Karlskrona-Treriksröset, Sweden, 2200km long walk, 2009
Iceland, a magical adventure on MTB, 1 month 2007
Skåneleden Kust-kustleden, Sweden, ~230 walk, 2006
Skåneleden Ås-åsleden, Sweden, ~160km walk, 2005
Australia, 115 days and 5600km on MTB, 2003/2004
Svenstavik – Björkö, a ~500km midsummer bikeride, 2004
Smygehuk-Ytterhogal, a winter walk in Sweden, 2003


Daniel is currently working at Naturkompaniet and has his own company on the side. He inspires people through meetings like Adventurers Gatherings’ and work on different events such as Fjällräven Classic and Björnturen. He also organizes microadventures and workshops around Gothenburg with small groups.


Inspirational Outdoors came to life in the beginning of summer 2018. Registered for corporation taxation (F-skatt)

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This is a place for us adventurous people and former wilderness students who are social monsters and love to find new friends, in search for inspiration or a new job!