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Autumn hike in Sarek 2014

A sunny day during autumn 2014 me and 3 friends trekked over the Suorva dam and eventually into Sarek National Park. We hoped to see Rapadalen in all the colourful autumn colors that we had heard so much of. The nearby cabins and mountain stations were closed for the season and we didn’t see more than 3 other humans during this walk. The timing was spot on and we got our colors and frosty mornings. When we turned around and headed back to where we came from the snow started to fall. We had a big tent with vestibule  and we spent the evenings playing cards, listen to music, talk about life and eating. We did 1 peak during on this trip and it was Låddebakte. From the top you could see a long way and it was really astonishing.

If your interested in Autumn hike in Sarek 2015 and want to know more you can read höstvandring Sarek 2022 or autumn hike in Sarek 2021. You can also follow me on a guided hike with PathfinderTravels.


Notes from my field journal

“In the end we hired a car in Kiruna and drove and parked it close to the Suorva dam, crossed over and into Sarek National Park. The boat and bus services closed down for the season during our walk and made it hard for us to figure out a good plan without renting a car.”

“Happier than a seagull with a French fry.”


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