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Fuel your adventure

Few things nourish the soul more than cooking outdoors so for me for me, food is a very important part of the experience. Every now and then I settle for a simple freeze-dried dish, but I prefer not to use them regularly. When I was younger and started with multi-day adventures, I often daydreamed about what I would eat when I got home. Today, those thoughts are gone. I want to say that not only do I eat better but the food also looks better.

Healthy and tasty good-looking food does not always have to mean a heavier backpack but it’s easy to end up in a vicious circle. By packing more food, you can also eat more. The body burns more calories because you work harder and therefore the body also wears out faster. It is important to find balance!

Eating outside shouldn’t be about rules. It should be more about what you want and require for the adventure and experience to be as good and successful as possible.

Think about how much you want to prepare, dry at home, how much you want to carry, your budget, if you can resupply during the trip, how much fuel it takes and what you actually have the strength to do when you are out. What is reasonable for your upcoming adventure? 

The right choice of food is often the most significant factor for the weight of your pack. It is not unusual that the weight of food varies between 0.5 and 2 kg/day.

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