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Ski trip in Sarek 2019

Sarek National Park is a national park in the Lapland province, northern Sweden. It borders two other national parks: Stora Sjöfallet and Padjelanta. Sarek is a popular area for hikers and mountaineers but is not appropriate for beginners.

The national park is roughly circular with an average diameter of about 50 kilometres (31.07 mi). It has no marked trails, no accommodations, and only two bridges aside from those in the vicinity of its borders. The delta of the Rapa River is considered one of Europe’s prettiest, and the summit of mount Skierffe offers an overlook of this ice-covered glacial trough valley.

Johan and I worked together… One thing led to another and we decided to ski together in Sarek, just like that really. We talked about everything and nothing during our time out there, but we also spent time together being silent without having that weird feeling upon us. Priceless!

Notes from my field journal

“When the sun goes above the ridge and fills the valley with sun. That’s the moment I stop skiing for a while and point my nose towards the light. Contact!”

“Home is wherever we pitch it. Johan and I had never pitched a tent together before this trip, neither had we skied or shared a sled. Nevertheless we did an awesome adventure and at the end of it we already talked about the next one.”

“Because weather has nothing to do with happiness. It’s a state of mind. However, being warm, dry and fed helps a lot. Then we’re able to raise our heads, really take it all in and fully enjoy our adventure. “

“After a long day of skiing it’s nice to pitch the tent. On this trip we brought a castle. It’s a 4 person tent from Hilleberg and we easily fit inside with all our gear including the sled. We cook and do our maintenance in there protected from the wind and bitter cold nights. After the sunset we light a candle. Its relaxing to rest our tired eyes upon from within our sleeping bags while falling asleep.“

“Like Frodo and Sam we navigated through the landscape towards the mountain. Boulders, thin ice, cold winds and cornflake-like frost on the lakes that flew away when touched – it all made this day truly magical.“

“Many sleds have been pulled here before ours but still it felt like we were the first ones. Between Thursday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon we waved to the only visible person from a distance. We felt like pioneers in Europes last wilderness reached partly by bus along what people say is Swedens longest return road. If it’s true? Don’t know!“

“Perhaps our tracks are still visible up there. Maybe they are covered by snowfall or filled with snow caught by our tracks while drifting over the mountains. Hopefully they are rediscovered and followed by another traveller as we did on this day while closing in on Saltoluokta mountain station.“


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