In 2016 I had the pleasure to join Björnturen as a trekking host and in 2017 as a guide.
As a trekking host I jumped from group to group during the walk handing out candy, had coffee hangouts, helped out with bags and pointed people in the right direction. In the evening I sat next to the fire, I listened to other people’s stories and adventures that they wanted to do in a near future. As a guide in 2017 I had a small group of people. We walked together and I talked about the area, helped them fixing there bag packs etc.


Björnturen is a 2 day event with a really good wilderness vibe even if it’s just outside Stockholm. It’s open for everyone and during the 2 day event you will walk with people with similar interest. You can walk between 22 – 41km depending on which route you decide to walk. In the evening everyone is gathering at Hellasgården for some entertainment such as live music, bonfire, sauna and perhaps even a dip in the lake.


Björnturen 2017 (official)
YouTube Trailer



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