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In 2016 I had the pleasure to join Björnturen as a trekking host and the year after as a guide.
As a trekking host I jumped from group to group during the walk, handing out candy, had coffee hangouts, helped out with bags and pointed people in the right direction. In the evening I sat next to the fire, I listened to other people’s stories and adventures that they wanted to do in a near future or had done in the past. As a guide I had a fast walking group of people. We walked together and I talked about the area, helped them improving their backpacks, took care of blisters etc.

Björnturen is a two day event with a really good wilderness vibe even if it’s just outside Stockholm. It’s open for everyone and during the event you will walk with people with similar interests. Starting in either Tyresta or Alby, depending on which route you choose to walk, you then hike along the beautiful Sörmlandleden trail and through parts of Tyresta National Park. In the evening everyone is gathered at Hellasgården for some entertainment such as live music, bonfire, sauna and perhaps even a dip in the lake. The second day you end up crossing the finish line near the Ericsson Globe.


Björnturen with Naturkompaniet

This event no longer exists but please join me at Fjällräven Classic. Book your ticket at

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