Planning & Preparation

There are many ways to prepare for an adventure. How much planning that’s needed for an adventure is different for all of us and we gather information in different ways.

First and foremost, an idea has to grow, a dream, something that you want to experience and/or achieve. Some people want to experience something, but the adventure transforms into ticking of miles rather than exploring it. Some want to enjoy a laid back adventure, while others fight hard for a goal few people have reached before.

Today we are easily inspired and saturated by information and images from social media. Many people want to “copy” the experience shared by others, maybe they get jealous, some get gloomy and low when they may feel that they have an eventless life. However, we do not usually know how or what happens behind the scenes. My thought with this is that it is positive to be inspired by others, but that you should stay faithful to yourself and still run your race.

Reading a book about a person crossing a continent may inspire you to run in the woods or start training. But it might be good there. Be inspired, find your own way and shape your dream. The answer is not always clear but the tools below helps me a lot while planning something new or thinking about today’s agenda.

It’s a balance between travelling far enough to finish the adventure
measured against slowing down enough to savour it all.

Timeline map

Imagine a map with start and finish, dashes in between. Like a pirate map! There are things along the way. Some things are difficult others go easy but they still have to be done. You often have to do them in the right order to maximum your success and avoid the traps. The first X marks where you stand today and the second X is when your adventure begins. Take a paper and fill in training, tasks, deadlines and other things regarding the upcoming adventure that needs attention and be ticked along the dashed line. Color code it. Is it a bigger education that you put in then maybe mountains can symbolise it with a headline on top and so on.

Narrow it down

Doing many things at the same time is usually not a good idea. The funnel is a good tool for reducing and structuring things. There are often many things going on but not everything can be in focus at the same time. Perhaps a bigger task or thing can be followed by something smaller or two or three small things followed by… , it’s easier. Write down everything you want to do and place it in or above the funnel. What goes down first?

What, How & Why

Imagine a peach. The outer skin is what I do and what other people see, the flesh is how I do it (the machinery behind it) and the core of everything, the answer to why, is in the stone. When you plan something, try to think of the three.

Progress, not perfection!

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