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Sarek Wedding Walk 2017

Combining two lovely things! A walk through a place called Europe’s last wilderness and then wrap it up with a wedding. For us it’s a true Cinderella story! We asked some friends if they wanted to join us on this for us very special adventure, and five wonderful friends were able to. We started the trip in Gothenburg with a long train ride to Gällivare. Then bus and helicopter before the “real” adventure started from Ritsem. Nine days of autumn leaves, the feeling of once more trekking above the tree line, navigating through forests, following windy creeks and finally a lake to row across before arriving to Saltoloukta. Emelie had never been at the place before and only seen images on Google and heard stories from my past adventures in the past. I hoped that she would be satisfied. We had friends coming in prior to the wedding by boat, and despite the long journey they showed up for our wedding and had a small adventure doing so. Our wedding day was a sunny autumn day with colourful mountains in every direction. The evening greeted us with northern lights and our guests where leaving for home with a smile on their faces. Emelie and I couldn’t be happier and the next adventure is already around the corner. In februari we have our first child.

Notes from my field journal


“Mountain therapy is real.”

“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home. I never regret making the effort to wake up to views like this.”

“One step at a time is good walking.”

“Holy fuck it’s great to be alive or Gone kissing on a hill in Sarek. Anyhow it’s a great hill we’re standing on.”

“A simple hello can lead to a million things! A wedding in the Swedish mountains for instance.”

“We do once in a lifetime every day on this trip.”





Also look at Åsa Hellmans photos from this trip or follow me on my guided hike along the same trail. Autumn hike in Sarek.

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