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Daily risk assessment

Every morning while sitting in my tent having breakfast I go through these steps in my head. When I’m out guiding with groups, I also write them down on paper for easier follow-ups. Do you do this kind of evaluations while out on adventures?

  • Daily fitness guide – Have you as a guide(s) slept well? Any pain or soreness?
  • Daily fitness group – The individuals you’re guiding: How many are there, is there evidence of muscle soreness, did anyone say something special yesterday, follow ups, damaged gear or other things that we have to fix or discuss?
  • Weather – What can we see? What did the forecast tell us? Is it wet? Slippery stones, fog, wind?
  • Today’s travel plan and alternative plan – Does any of the above affect today’s plan? Risk of injury?
  • Where are we going, how far is it, when will we be there (estimate).
  • The location of emergency phones, shelters, roads , etc., along the route.
  • Feedback between guides and the group. General, not personal.
  • Mixed feelings or thoughts that can be of importance in the future regarding the subject.

Nature’s whims are something I will never control, just act on accordingly.

If you like this text about my daily risk assessment you should perhaps talk a look at my way of building a Travel & Safety plan  or perhaps Planning & Preparation. This kind of documents is written before and during events likes the ones I have with PathfinderTravels for example.

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