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Storloopen 2020

Li and I intended to run around Rogen lake with start and finish in Grövelsjön, a distance of 101km. In reality we performed a fast hike with shorts stretches of running. Being fast meant on this trip to travel at 3.6km/h as it was block terrain, snowstorms and at times very slippery all over. The temperature was steadily below minus and our last night we had -6 degree celsius. As the pace was lower than expected, we walked around 8 hours with our headlamps with a total of 40 hours. We often asked each other where the trail was and often the answer was – you’re standing on it. During the dark hours we asked more frequently and from time to time we used our InReach at all times. With that said, it is this that made the trip so magical. There is something meditative in navigating this terrain, in a snow blizzard and to “live” in the light made from the headlamp. We just thought about the next step, to get forward safely and only stop for short periods of time for food or photos. We ate freeze-dried meals, nuts, Clifbars, beer sausages and almond paste.

Some of the equipment is listed here

Notes from my field journal

“Shell gloves, shell gloves, shell gloves!  Why did I choose my neoprene 5 finger gloves…”

“Windsack instead of rescue blankets! If something really happens, the protection is so much better. We could have had our lunch in it too.”

“The soft water bottle froze to ice in the nozzle a couple of times.”

“Used my headlamp at 50% power…  But since 9 hours are promised in maximum mode, it should work to run this constantly on full power. It would be easier to actually see the color markings and stone piles that mark the trail”


Storloopen 2020
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